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Qi Gong for self-dependent therapy and health care

«Strong, firm and at the same time agile and adaptable like bamboo...»
Therapeutic Qi Gong combines body-, breathing- and meditation practices,
which contribute to health care and well-being as well as increase flexibility. In China, these practices were traditionally handed on by monks and have always played an important role in health care.
«Qi» means vital energy – material and immaterial – which moves micro- and macrocosm. «Gong» means work and time. «Qi Gong» means: «To work with Qi with discipline and perseverance (time).»

I regularly teach Qi Gong classes in my practice and will train you in the selfdependent exercise of Qi Gong. During the warm months of the year, the training can be held outside. Ten lessons of 60 minutes cost CHF 250.00 in groups of four persons maximum.
If you have your own group of 3 – 4 people, please contact me for your individual time of class.