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Manual Therapy

Qi Gong



Chinese Manual Therapy (Tuina) moves your vital energy (Qi)

Chinese Manual Therapy (CMT), also called Tuina, is a purely manual therapy, where manipulations of variable intensity are applied to specific points and areas of the body through fingers, hands, arms and legs.

The patient is usually fully dressed. If necessary, cupping treatment and
moxibustion – a heating treatment through the burning of mugwort – can be combined with CMT.

CMT is used wherever here in the West a physiotherapist, a sports therapist or an osteopath is consulted. However, compared to these methods, CMT has the advantage of not only working with the blood and lymphatic system, but also the energetic system. Therefore, muscles, joints and ligaments as well as on a deeper level the flow of the vital energy – «Qi» in Chinese – are treated in combination.